Lactation consulting

Types of Consultations

Rachel Johnson, RN, IBCLC

Prenatal Breastfeeding Counseling

  • During this one hour appointment, we will discuss your health history, previous breastfeeding experiences, & any questions that you might have. The goal is to set you up for breastfeeding success! This session should be scheduled within the final month of pregnancy.

​Lactation Consultation

  • This is the most common service requested. During the consultation, I will ask for information regarding you and your baby’s health history, weigh the baby, assess a feeding, determine how much milk was transferred with a post-feeding weight & discuss a plan of care. I will also address any questions you have regarding pumping or other special concerns. If needed, a follow up appointment may be scheduled.

Starting Solids 

  • During this session we will discuss how and when to start giving your baby solid foods. We will also discuss readiness, common allergies and sensitivities, feeding strategies, tips & tricks.

Returning to Work

  • This session will help you make a plan for pumping when you are separated from your baby. We will discuss frequency of pumping, your rights as a breastfeeding employee/student, & storage guidelines.


  • ​Weaning is a natural step in the breastfeeding process but sometimes can be difficult. It's timing is a personal choice and I will support you & assist in making it an easy transition for everyone.

Schedule An Appointment

As a Tricare beneficiary, you are eligible for up to 6 lactation consultations with no out of pocket cost and no referral needed. Please allow 60 minutes for all consultations. For all clients not covered by Tricare, please contact me for pricing details.