About me

Tricare​ coverage

Rachel Johnson, RN, IBCLC

Lactation consulting

I am a registered nurse, lactation consultant, nutritionist, Marine Corps spouse, & mother of 3. I have 10 years experience as a LC and several more working in maternal child health.

While I can help any mothers, I have chosen to focus my practice on military moms. As a fellow military spouse, I understand what it's like to endure long deployments, to give birth without my husband by my side, and to struggle through those early days of breastfeeding without the support of my mother, sister, and aunts. I would love to be your support during this time and help you achieve your breastfeeding goals.

As a Tricare Authorized Healthcare Provider, I am able to provide up to 6 private lactation consultations for beneficiaries, 100% covered with no referral necessary (active duty mothers need a prior authorization for lactation services).

What's covered per birth event?

​~ 6 private lactation consultations ​

~ 1 qualifying breastpump (with a prescription from your PCM)​ 

~ Breastpump supplies for up to 36 months​

~ 2 breastpump kits